The Beginning To An End...

Hi my name is Stephanie,
I am a survivor of domestic violence not once twice. One man beat me inside and out and the second beat me inside. I was only 17 years old and thought I had found the man of my dreams good looking, owned his own business, gave me my hearts desire, and me well I was thin, gorgeous and his trophy wife arm candy. He convinced me two weeks after my eighteenth birthday which we had only been dating three months to marry him. We were married at city hall my family was not present but all the same I was his and I felt special. Two weeks later just for getting out of bed to go to the bathroom I picked up and almost had my neck snapped, bruises followed being whipped with different objects, slapped and punched repeatedly, held hostage in my own home, brainwashed to believe I was nothing, that I was ugly, fat at 117 lbs, I worked out constantly I became pregnant and as I got older the beatings were worse. My family got tired of getting the calls in the middle of the night i need a ride to the ER only to find me beaten and bruised physically and emotionally this is where it turns nasty... he began to molest out daughter who is now 15 she suffers a great deal because of this , i still have a hard time dealing. There are ways out and talk therapy is necessary.
Please don't wait devise a plan and get out I did and you can too stay strong break the cycle of abuse.
chirogurl35 chirogurl35
Jan 7, 2013