He Lied

I am a survivor. I spent 4 years in an extremely abusive relationship. The abuse started out as name calling and quickly escalated into physical abuse. My husband has slapped, punched, choked, spit on and urinated on me. He raped and sodomized me, even forced me to have sex with his friends. When he went to bed, I had to be in bed (even if it was 3pm), he locked me in the bedroom and forced me to pee my pants if I had to go during the night because I was not allowed out of the bedroom. He stole my medications and drugged me so he could go cheat. He drug me across a parking lot (in front of approx. 10 people who did nothing) by my hair. He drug me upstairs by the hair and beat me because i had lost my car keys. he wouldn't give me any money even for personal products, i had to make due. The list goes on and on, but i am finally free from him. I escaped, literally, September 3rd 2007 and after spending almost 6 months in a dv shelter I am finally moving on. I will always have the scars to remind me of what he put me through, but they also remind me of how strong I am!

amyjo3 amyjo3
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2009