It Hasn't Stopped

i was married to my abuser for 19 years , at the end he beat me raped me and held a gun at my head it took 6 police units to take me away . My two daughters and I ended up in a shelter , he moved his girlfriend of 5 years that same day . he beat the charges got custody of the kids , being a paid informant will do that . Fast forward to now I am on disability pension , I have met someone new it has been 3 years we are together and 2 years ago one of my daughters tried living with us because of this he got caught claimikng her on his taxes while she was living with us.  I was notified today that I am to attend a hearing  I am being accused of cheating the pension . in the papers he is the one saying this . Will it ever end

blngjl blngjl
Mar 5, 2009