I Cant Believe Im Finally Free and Alive

i just escaped from a 3 year emotional and physical abuse relationship by the only man i ever loved.  I am 24 and started going out with him when i just turned 21 he is 27.  i was hospitalised 3 times and beaten nearly every day.  nearly killed so many times.  scared for my life every day, constantly stepping on egg shells.  i am now left with scars all over my body.  had a replaced front tooth, broken finger which is now permantly crooked with a metal rod and two wires inside holding it together, 13 stitches on my elbow from my arm splitting open hanging, a small indented whole in my left leg permantly scarred.  My face with 3 big scars on my forehead because of a fan smashed over my head, and a scar above my lip from the ring i bought him.  my head was glued together from his punches, my ribs previously broken, choked until unconcsience numerous times, once he stabbed the back of my neck with a pen, hair ripped out, bashed unrecognisibly hundreds of times, a samarai sharpened sword cut on my stomach and shoulder (which finally healed), the emotional abuse was just as bad, lost two jobs because of him, isolated from money, friends and family and stuck in a studio apartement for pretty much 3 years and only could leave with him, treated disgustingly while having sex, lost 20 kilos being with him and suffer anorexia, made me feel all my fault and deserved it, told me no one else would love me, left on the streets for all hours of the night like a dog when he kicked me out, threatened to kill me and my family so many times, put me down infront of his friends and family a lot.  manipulated me into always going back when i did have courage to leave.  flirted with other girls in front of me, serious alcoholic too. blamed me for all his problems and made me feel worthless, need to talk to someone going through same problem.  ONLY way i left him was snapping my sim card and going interstate where he couldnt find me. 

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4 Responses May 3, 2009

so happy you left him you must be smart and strong good on you

I have been there done that as well. I am glad that you got out alive barely! Congrats on being a survivor!<br />
You should check out my site:<br />

You are a valuable and precious and worthy human being. Please join Al-Anon group and share your story. Also, join a support group for domestic abuse survivors. You have a tremendous spirit. You are worthy of love, respect, kindness and friendship.

hi im really glad your out of that relationship now he was nothing but a loser, ive been in simialar situation and i also got out, we are stronger than we think, love 8hobart x