There Is Empowerment In Words

To read the stories of the people in this group makes me cringe.  I have never experienced domestic violence myself, but my sister is a Silent Witness (please google it).  I am a victim of domestic violence but more than that, I am a survivor of domestic violence.  I have made it through tremendous tragedy along with my nephew (the only family member left).  You see, seven years ago my brother-in-law killed my sister and my niece, leaving my nephew alone.  I am just now able to tell the story.  I just started making a chronicle in my blog of the things I faced as the only family member who knew everything (and even I didn't know everything) but could not testify to it in court because it was all heresay.  The jury never heard.  But they didn't need to, they had it in his words.  It's not just you and the kids.  It is both sides of your extended family as well that suffers.  This chronicle will show the process of what the family goes through if an ultimate act of betrayal is performed.  Please check out my blog.  I'm trying to do it daily but it is very draining to relive it again.

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Were you abused by a romantic partner? Did you abuse a romantic partner? In many cases, I believe the parents help pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

I am conducting research to explore the help provided by parents when faced with their adult child's experience with domestic violence.

If you are interested, please encourage your parents to take a 20 minute survey at

thanks for sharing your story. i applaud you for being able to share something so hard.

wow you gave me chills....i am sorry for yoour loss truely,but am greatful you are able to help those like us....i am a survivor too...and my son witnessed it all and i live with that pain everyday...god bless you and your family...