No Surprise There As I Grew Up In A Dysfunctional Home

An only child, I grew up surrounded by adults! There were a lot of drinking, swearing n fighting...mostly I hid or stayed at other families home during those binges. I never knew my dad. Fast forward, I've attempted numerous suicides, thank God, I've survived those attempts! Also a survivor of sexual abuse that took place between ages 6-11 yrs of age. Took the guy to court when I was 25 yrs old. He went to jail for 3 yrs, and, turns out there were other victims, but not enough evidence for it to go to court. And finally a survivor of domestic abuse. I drunk alcohol for a number of years until 6 years ago. I finally hit bottom when my children were taken by Social Services, fearing their father would get custody, I prayed like never before; bargaining with HP and pleading with him so that I can keep my children. SS agreed to give children back if only I went to a rehabilitation centre, so I had family take in my children And off I went for 34 days of treatment. A very gruelling n lonely 34 days, but I stuck through it. My determination to not give up n fight my demons n addiction were thoughts of my children n their future. I did not want them growing up in a dysfunctional home or experience the things I did while growing up. Looking back, I couldn't believe how much I've endured, yet am still alive today. I believe I am still alive today because my HP has plans for me, and those are to help my family and friends to overcome their addictions, too. Not only that but to be an example and a role model for my children n others whom are experiencing similar cycle. I always tell my friends, "if I can do it, so can you! Yes, if there is a will, there is a way. All you need is to believe in yourself and love yourself. Yes, I've survived with help of my HP and a very inspiring song, "When I'm back on my feet again!" Thank you so very much, Mr.Bolton!!
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41-45, F
Nov 4, 2013