I Am A Survivor

My parents got divorced when I was 7 years old. My parents had joint custody of my sister and I. However, I would only get to see my Dad every other weekend and for holidays and summers. I stayed with my mom for the school year. While at the time of the divorce I thought that there could be nothing worse-now 18 years later I am thankful that they got divorced for a couple of reasons. For one, I have two great step-parents that I would not change for anything! Also, I am a better person for having experienced this hardship. Rather than staying married and having to undergo the stress that is involved when two parents don't love eachother I was able to see what a truly beautiful relationship looks like and foster hope that not all relationships end in divorce-they can succeed and be the best thing ever!

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I am going thru a divorce i have 2 daughters ages 9 and 2 and i stayed with my ex until now for them but i just cant do it anymore. I hope my kids will be ok in the long run

very well said, God Bless goahead