Elmore Academy A Nazi Nightmare For Kids And Teens Girls And Boys

Elmore Academy is in Elmore Minnesota it is a juvenile delinquent jail for kids and teens girls and boys ages 10 to 21 years old.

theres severe physical abuse by the staff on the kids, maltreatment (starving), sexual abuse and privacy violations.

i was at Elmore Academy on February 28,2009 i was 17 years old i was there for five whole months and i got released from Elmore Academy on July 28,2009 i was 18.

while i was at Elmore Academy i got severly physically abused, physically assaulted, starved, maltreated, sexually abused and privacy violations.

one night i got physically assaulted by the most abusive female staff on that campus Maria Derenfeld she had me in a wall restraint and i did not move but she slammed me to the floor so hard i cut my lip open and she put her full body weight on top of me and i was screaming and crying it was 1:am in the morning. there was a puddle of blood on the floor mixed in with my sliva and blood was on my face and hair. Maria Derenfeld layed on top of me for 15 minutes and then switched with another guy staff and a minute later they let me get up go to the bathroom and wash the blood off my face and hair and made me clean my blood off the floor. my screams and crying kept every one awake.........the girls my peers the next day and the staff would not let me talk about what happend to me by the staff that night.

i had bruises on my arms and little red dots around my eyes from my circulation being cut off.

There is public showering at this place and the staff made us be completly naked behind the shower curtains and shower stalls. before in the 1970's and 1980's there was no shower stalls and curtains! YIKES!!!

the boys were forced to pee in the public urinals infront of the male staff inless they needed to take a poop they got to go in a bathroom stall and so did the girls and girls got to pee in the bathroom stalls as well.

if you were on suicide watch you would wear a yellow shirt and if you were truancy meaning if you were planning on running away you were in a orange shirt. i was once in a yellow shirt and once in a orange shirt while i was there at Elmore Academy.

i'm 21 years old now and this stuff still bothers me. when i finally got to go home i cried for many days it took two whole months for me to stop crying about the abuse i endure at Elmore Academy.

my social workers name was Roxanne Anderson she is the most abusive lyeing social worker on this earth. she lied to my judge to get me sent to this nazi night mare of a place. i did nothing to get sent to Elmore Academy i was put as vulentary. Roxanne Anderson is the social worker that works at the pine city high school in pine city Minnesota.

i do not know what lies she told the judge to get me sent to a bad juvi it was not mention durring court. the only thing they said was i disrupted my placement which i did not i was being abused by my TSA foster parents Marry and Norris Mcelrath they were starving me from meat and fresh fruit. i had scurvy from not getting any fruit for months. and i was very pale.


the last two months i was there the staff starved me and only gave me one meal a day and it was breakfest. once i went three days with no food there. i only got to drink water once a day some times twice a day if i was lucky and the staff took my sleep away and made me go to bed at midnight while all the other kids got to go to bed at 9 pm.

my pine county pine city judges name was James Rueter. hes the worste judge to have.

please if you have been here i want to here from you and what the staff did to you there no matter how long ago it was. i want comments thanks. and you parents can comment on here to if you have children or teens that got sent to elmore academy and you found out that your kid or teen was severly abused please comment.
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I was sent to Elmore around 2004 I was part of the first girls group Serenity Hall,. I witnessed alot there. The staff came in one night due to an escalation and were DRUNK! They ended up restraining this boy and broke his arm. Seemed like the staff were as ****** up as the kids or worse. Smh. I did have some good staff like Ms. Thiner, Ms. Zeck but yea they were defiantly on a down slope. I had some of my worst memories from that place. I remember this like head hancho guy coming to visit and the day before they finally let us outside in the yard. It had been like 3months.

you poor thing i feel for you if you want to talk i am here

thank you.