5 Years Old, And Already Scarred

I was at my dad's mothers house, playing like a normal 5 yr old. I got up and walked up to my 10 year old uncle. "come play with me in my room" he said, and so i followed. When we got there he told me to crawl underneath the covers. When he got up on the bed he started taking my clothes off, I tried to tell him no but he said it was part of the game, so i went along with it. He told me to lay down and then he stuck his ***** into my ******. I told him it hurt and begged him to stop but he just kept telling me that it would go away when i got better at the game. This went on for 4 years, until we finally stopped visiting.
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13-15, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I am glad u survived ,we r survivors,i was raped at 9 until i was 12 i have thoughts and nightmares but im trying to be strong and u continue to be i believe God has a plan for us he brought us this far through the pain,blood,and tears we still survived.i thank God for your story today i felt like nothing and now i c survivors are out there just like me.