When I Was Sick And 16 Years Old At My Dads Gf House.

Helbalo I just want to say I'm so sorry everyone on here was rape and touch someone you cared about and trusted.

My story start when my father dated a wonderful woman they was going to married but my dad caught cheating, anyway that not why I'm writing about well one night my dad and his gf before they broke it off.

I and my twin sister and my baby sister met her and her kids, that where I met him. I was a pretty bright eye giel very tiny thing only 5"2 95pounds I always been small anyway I met him at first he was just shy and just stir at me, I thought nothing of it. Well my dad pick us up at my moms I had a bad feeling I should not go. I told mom I don't feel well, she told me tell my daddy you to tak medicine I told her okay, well I told my daddy I m not feeling good. He told me okay I get you things to get you back to health. So we got at their house my daddy so wonderful he got me soup. So we went inside and let say
His name is J he had his football team over the house my daddy didn't like them there with his daughters going to aloned because had to Thanksgiving party because remember that night on 11/26/99 my dad told j his friends got to leave because I'm sick he didn't want to get sick, he said okay but my stomach wrost remember had that bad feeling well after they lefted my daddy and R his gf left them guys came back because I'M a sleep down on the couch downstairs my dad told me to go down there noone will bug me. My twin sister would come down see I all okay yeah if need anything sometime yeah and no. Well probaly about hr and a half I heard music and people chatting Iwith up stairs to use the bathroom take a hot steaming shower to make feel better I didn't see the guys watching me I didn't pay attention because was tired and sick. Anyway the guys watch me go down stairs my sisters and her other to kids was asleep so I down I thought saw corner my eyes the guys followed me. I went back to sleep it a big couch I laying down with blanket I was warm fell asleep fast.
I was moving around in my sleep someone was touching me my eyes was blurry and I saw going to be stepbrother and his friend looking and touching me.

Hey? Why you down hear? J said oh we wanted to see your okay and see canhelp you feel better I said no thanks but thank you, I heard one of his friend say yeah but we have are fun. I looked at them I got up but grabed me told to sit still oh. We will hurt you; I was so scared I said please let me go I not bugging you guys I really feel dizzy now someone grabed her neck I passed out I woke up naked and the guys watching me I tried to push and scream my stepbrother j told to shut up be quiet or we will hurt you bad. I shut up I was crying he was kissing me on my face and lips hard and really rough, I was just think fight him but I was so scared. One guy was touching breast he got mad told him I was his not until he was done with me they can me. He told me how sexy I am the beautiful girl he ever seen, I just cried he told to crying or hit me. I stoped he kept touching me over for the longest time I felt it did only last 30 mins. He told to get on my knees I got up try to run but grabed me again he was anrgy at me, he foreced me down pulled myhead back told me he was going to do some fun things to me and have buddies watch me us. I didn't know want to do I want to get out but they circle me they no way out I was traped by them mean awful guys. He told me to spread them I told no please don't do this please j I told see if had any heart to stop nope I looked in my rapes eyes they was ownship and lust and crontrol in his eyes and anrgier. I was so scared I know what coming next I stop fighting and let him have his way I try to scream but they duck tape my mouth shut now. Plus I so wKe to yell out very loud but sisters cannot hear me i do not want to come down be next I know tell watched me all night I didn't think come back. I wishmy daddy hear I know he and r off to the business dinner won't be home Sunday when daddy takes me me and my sisters home.

He tells on the floor now on my knees so I do he pulls off his pants down I see his manhood he is very large for a teenage boy, 17 203 7"2 I am so small he start playing with me little he hurting me fingering and pulling down there on my lips, after he done he tells me suck it, I never even kiss a guy or see a guy naked, so say no I shake my head no pull away he grabes me forcing me down on him he push so hard I couldn't breath I hit the back of my throat that hurt so bad. I try yo get air finally let me stop and have air but told me I bit him I get itf hurt wrost. So didn't bit him but I wanted to so bad I afraid so bad, well after he *** he toldme swallow it or he hit me so i hadno choice I did I pucked after onces after hewasdone ithought thatwayit I was wrong. I try to getup and run but he saw told he buddies to grab me two of them hold my legs open with a pain I heard a pop but thank god it didn't broke my hip bone. He hold my neck with his hands and the other guys hold my arms so I was trying to moved I plead with my eyes please don't no but his forced in me I thoughts I was died I passed out al the pain he was going so hard and fast I remember waking up watching him and his friends laughing and smiling and saying sexual awful nasty words calling a a tease and **** and ***** you know you wanted it, I thoughts it was my fault how shy and nice I was to them I don't understand they had do this to do then he starting going rougher and deep in me I was so mush pain I blocked it out so it be over with it I thoughts i was death from how rough and big his was in me he hurt me so bad.

After he was done raping me kept rapping me for four times that night and he kept saying mine mine over again.

Now it was over one day my dad told me heand rnot together nomore I was never with back out there again if was with them I ask my daddy take mehome he tel me why sweetheart? I said I miss my mommy okay I never told noone that happen to me not even my
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Hello, I would like to send some love your way and gonna say a prayer for you. I hope you find the strength in sharing your story with others out there. I think u can make other people feel like they're not alone and that way even yourself.
My childhood friend's mum was raped and she was anxious and keeping her children at home every day after 5pm. I never knew why until my mum told me what had happened to that woman. She must be dealing with it better since... but I know it affected her for a very long time and she was too afraid that something like this would happen to her children.