I was rape for a couple of years when I was younger. My parents were divorcing and it was a sad time. So many sad things I saw then do to each other. I was neglected. No one ever asked how I felt. No one explained to me what was going on. They thought it was nothing a little kid should worry about. So I just thought that the rape, violence, and abuse I got from others was something I deserved. I felt like I couldn't tell anyone. I felt so alone. I cried so much, I hated myself so much. I wish I was strong at that time. I use to put up fights on the beginning but they would use more violence to control me. They used objects to rape. Cut me and hit my head so hard I'd pass out and bleed. I had so many bruise I would always wear sweaters to hide them. One time I was so sore on my privates that it was so painful to walk. Sometimes I wish I told someone but no one seemed to care about me. I'm still reliving this painful memories in my mind. Every single day, it's like I'm trapped in a night mare.
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dont worry i know how it feels ive been raped as well if u wanna talk msg me

I AM sorry...and filled with rage

It's okay...do you want to talk about it?

I just cannot stand for violence against women.

I'm so sorry that happened to you if I had been around I'd have helped u and made sure it never happened to u again I have stopped peopleraping my family and friends more times then I'd care to admit but I have a scars from each one and the trips to the hospital from stab wounds but in the end if u helped save them from rape I'd gladly be stabbed 10,000 times I know u suffer from the memories but if u ever need to talk about anything then message me and I will listen maybe help u and cheer u up :) take care of yourself

Thank you

Your welcome :)

Awwww, so sorry 😔😔😔😔😔😔