I have been raped 3 times by different guys. One was my dad when I was 3, then the other two were ***** guys. I didn't even know them. They drugged me and had their way. Only 3 people know about this. I have to get it off my chest. I always thought it was my fault, because I was an addict and I dress kind of sexy. I try to be nice to everyone. But they took advantage in every way. My fiancé doesn't even know I was raped, and he never will. Every time we watch a movie and there is a rape scene I have to go outside and smoke a cig. It makes me sick to my stomach. And I feel violated all over again.
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Honey, you have a right to dress however you fu*king want, it's not your fault. If you were an addict, that does not mean that guys have a right to rape you. It's not your fault.
What you need to realise, what society needs to realise, is that the rapist is the one who is guilty, not the victim.

It's not your fault. I went to the house of the guy that raped me and everyone tells me it's not my fault. So, it's definitely not yours. And dressing sexily is not a green light for guys to abuse women, ever!
Also, I have the same reaction to movies. That and the smell of tobacco. It sucks

Do you continue to be an addict and/or dress sexily?

If she does dress like that and if she's still an addict, that's her right. She has a right to dress the way she wants and to go wherever she wants, and to do whatever she wants, and she has the right to be safe and not to be a victim of rape. Men who rape are ******* pigs and rape is their fault, not hers. End of story.

While you are right that mode of dress is not an excuse for men to rape a woman, it would hardly be realistic to suppose people would regard a lascivious dresser, particularly one who casts herself as a victim of "sex addiction", as anything other than a *****, who wants to be used. I would never say that a woman deserved rape, for that would be terrible, but if she dresses like a ****, why does she expect to be treated like a queen?

When I was younger, I was raped in the bathroom of a mcdonalds.

I was just a 8 year old kid, rape can happen to guys to.