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i am 36 and been abused in everyway there is by my own parents,and raped again at the age of19 and now have a son because of this rape that i gave away to a nice couple but now he is turning 17 year old and want to meet me,how do you tell you own chuld the reason he here is because of his father raping you....
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i dont know hun but youre son is as much as a surviour as you i was injured so badly by my abusers that i cant have kids and that hurts so bad as i love kids. but you have a child and thats a percious thing babe x

icansee, i don't agree with that at all shame shame shame on you sir/mam, that's not cool at all. but to each his own i suppose. anyway, you are very strong, i do believe you should tell your son, tell him gently of course and make sure he knows that you love him. much luck to you if you haven't already done these actions. :)

Wow, you shouldn't tell your son that...If my mom told me that, it might be the last straw. Some secrets are better left secrets...

What a courageous and giving person you are! You stood by your child and brought him into this world so that he could have loving parents. This includes you, without you, he would have died. You took an awful action done on you and turned it into something beautiful. You are a rare gem. I am so proud of you.

If I were you I would be honest and just reinforce that fact that he is loved and how he was brought into this world had nothing to do with who he is as a person!!!