Does This Count?

 I am just his friend. We aren't even dating. I couldn't find anything like this one so here goes. I have a crush on my best guy friend. He's 15 and I'm 14. The first time he hit me when it wasn't just horseplay it wasn't really a hit. He put me in a head lock. He held me like that for about a miniute or two. Afterwards he wouldn't even tell me what I did wrong. I held my head weird for a few days afterward. Nobody noticed but one other friend... a friend he doesn't like me talking to because they don't get along. He's hit me a few other times.
 At first we were fine. Then I did something to anger him. That's the way it is with this guy. One miniute we'll be fine... just sitting around laughing then the next he'll bring his fist back and punch me or if I'm lucky he'll just start yelling at me.
 I might be overreacting but I'm not sure... i need some feedback. Can anyone help me out? I just need somebody to tell me if this counts as abuse sad 
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My Brother is three years older than me and was always kicking me in the butt growing up, or throwing my stuff around and breaking it. One day he come running upstairs and kicked me in the butt and I returned the love by throwing a hand full of pepper in his eyes. Never kicked me in the butt again. Problem solved. We are 50 and 53 now. I grew up with a very abusive Mother. She didn't abuse my brother physically like she did me, but he has been abusive to his wife and son over the years. I have stuck to my guns and never allow anyone to put their hands on me without sever consequences.

Thank you... I'm worried that he might have something called Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I've done some research and he's been showing symptoms of it. He hasn't hurt me in a while now but with him its only just a matter of time. I've tried staying away from him but the looks he gives me in the halls at school are just so pitiful that I can't help but forgive him... Is this normal?

ohh maaan. yaa that is major abuse and you guys arent even anythng. can you imagine if you were dating or married to himm. things wil just be 10times worse. u shud stop talkn to him or sumthng,

yes it counts, it's abuse.<br />
some people like to label abuse or types of victims but that's just ignorance.<br />
he does not have any right to hit you, nut he's hitting you because he feels he can get away with it stay away from him and if he ever hits you again call the police