I Wish I died that day

I wish my overdose had been successful. Life after it is just getting worse. I spent 3 weeks - 21 days exactly in a mental health unit. People screamed, they banged - they drove me crazy! I lied my way out of there. Now i'm alone I miss being there but would never go back. Everything is 50/50 with me. I hate that. I hate not being able to function through pain like normal people. It's apart of life that nobody can escape. Pain is guarenteed to us all. I hate knowing my attempt and possibly my future attempts and maybe my success have and will cause pain. I hate that my state of mind is causing pain. I hate life! I wish I could go back in time and stand beside Eve and tell her not to eat the apple! Look what she's caused! I hate that my mind will not shutdown! It just continues continuosly! My thoughts never ever stop. I really wish I died that day.
AloneInThisLife AloneInThisLife
4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I speak peace to your heart and mind in the name of Jesus . No that u will overcome this I been threw some devastating things too and the same God that's helping me I no he is gonna help u too just give it to him . No that u r not alone!!!

just remember I am here for you

Hang in there , I have been through it and know exactly your feelings.

you just need someone to talk to! and some supports! do you go to therapy or counciling... i had 2 suiside attemps and i was in the hospital for a while now im in both and its helping me lots... if you need someont to talk to let me know ill message you because im a minor so you cant message me! "foryoursmile" is right god says its not your time to go!! your a special person:)