Just Got Out Of Hospital

Just got out of Psychiatric Hospital 2 days ago after taking 2 boxes of Klonopin mixed with another box of any medication. I wasn't trying to commit suicide, I was just feeling bad due to the a withdrawal of another med I was addicted to. Last time was in June when I threw myself off a bridge without knowing how to swim, unfortunately I was rescued in time. I tried many times, lethal dose of Rohypnol with vodka and wine, took 12 pills of ecstasy mixed with tequila and beer, combo cocaine+ketamine+Lsd+ecstasy and loads of vodka, GHB with alcohol, nothing seems to work. I guess I need to try harder, buy a pistol and shoot my forehead, throw myself off a building, I dunno... Life is so pointless to me, I hate myself and hate life, also hate people. I hope I'll die young al least...
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

If you really want to die then pour petrol over your head and light yourself on fire. Make sure there are a few gas bottles attached to you so that there are no chances of survival.

I know how you feel. I OD on a bottle of ambien and ristoril. This was last christmas eve. I was in the hospital for 3 days. They wanted me to stay in the psychiatric ward but i told them that i rather see my own psychiatrist and therapist that i see twice a week. They gave me to my mom. They were hesitant about letting me go. I thought that i would see or feel something while i was unconcious but i was disapointed when i woke up and the doctor asked me, do you know where you are for a second i though i had died O.O

I dunno in your country, but here in Brazil psychiatrist hospitals gather everyone as though we have the same problems. I was in a room with people who were schizophrenic, who had dementia, I was so scared, but I stayed only one week and my parents took me out of the Hospital. I don't wanna go back anymore...