Things Get Better.

It has been about a month since I last cut, and a month and a half since my last suicide attempt. Since then, I have found that when people say 'it gets better' - it really does. Even though it may feel like they just say it to make you feel better, believe me I used to feel the same, it really is true. Since my last incident, I found that my baby is a little boy (only 3 months left, yay!), threw away my razor blades, trying again with the babies father and its going amazingly, and haven't felt even the slightest need to cut. Its only baby steps, but things really are looking up, and it seems they're only going to get better. And it all started happening when I started thinking positively... Whenever you feel like things are at their lowest and won't ever work out for you, just think, you have nothing to lose if you just wait that little bit longer for things to sort out. Don't give up, think about all you have to live for. It DOES get better, I promise <3
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Jul 9, 2013