I was told, my previous post on this wasn't good enough...so here goes...
Third time is the charm. First bottle was vodka. Started with Bloody Mary's, turned into straight vodka. Second bottle was rum. I really wanted a Mojito, I had two :) then came the pills. Morphine, oxy, soma, Valium, and various "head meds"...just over 300 in total. I finished the bottle of light rum with coke as I ran out of mint. Third bottle was dark rum, there was about half a bottle left, straight. And topped it all of with half a bottle of Liquor 43. I don't remember the last two half bottles.
I passed out at some point. I was found by my mom. Ambulance called and dragged out of the basement, hauled off to the hospital. Fortunately/unfortunately (you be the judge) the hospital was 2 minutes away. Taken to the ER, I died within 10 minutes of being there. 1 minute 49 seconds. My heart gave out. No pulse, no brain activity, no breathing.
No. No light. No tunnel. No family. No friends. No brother. No girlfriend. Nothing.
It was just like being put under for surgery, except, I was in the ER for a day. ICU for 7 days. And it was a blink of an eye...Step down for 4 days. Regular room for 4 days. And the psych ward for 2 weeks.
I was told by the doctor in the step down unit, they pumped 114 pills that had blocked my stomach out and that my bac was .414. They know how, but they don't know HOW I made it.
I told this for the first time to my best friend. And then, not by her, was told I needed to release it and there by accept it. Maybe? There is someone out there I could help deal with a difficult time...I'm not one to give BS or talk anyone out of anything, just give advice based on my experiences.
Thx for reading...if you did.
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I have been staying away from this one. I guess I was being an ostrich. I just didn't want to read about you hurting that much or doing something that drastic.
I'm thankful your mom found you in time, and it gave us the chance to meet and become friends. Don't you ever do something that stupid ever again.


How long ago was this?
How do you feel now?

really sorry to hear this

It happens to some of us

i can see :(

I'm so glad were close enough to tell each other our most private thoughts and downfalls as well as good times, :)


xxxooo, hey no flirting i'ts too early, lol

Lmao, ok, no flirting. Gotcha.