Suriving The Statistics

I'm 22 years old and have been through a lot of trials in my life...

Before I was 2 years old my real mother left me with my father. My father was in the navy and remarried quickly.
My father was barely home and I was forced to stay with my Step mother, who had 4 other children a lot older than me.
From the time I was 9years old, my step sister started having children, and thats when the abuse and neglect started for me.
My step mother would take her frustration of my step sisters problems out on me, and my father barely knew the majority of it.
I was used as a babysitter and maid. Because of how much they needed me at home, I wasnt able to have a life that I needed for my age.
When I would do things like shave my legs, or do my eyebrows, I would get into trouble. If a boy called my house I would get into trouble. I was never grounded a day in my life. My punishments were physical. I never did drugs or drink or sneak out of the house and party.
I left the house at 18 and ran into the arms of another abuser.
I had 3 children with him.
In those 5 years of being with him, he cheated and physically hurt me. He tried to cut me off from friends and family.
Because of the length of time that I dealt with abuse, when I called the police on my ex and went to the hospital, my children were taken from me.
When I wouldnt go back to him, he tried to take everything he could from me...turned my phone off, stole my car, kicked me out of the house, told everyone i was doing drugs, threatened friends to say the same things.
I'm in a constant battle with him for custody and trying to get my children returned to me. Yet through all this, I didn't turn to drugs or alcohol, I constantly am there from my children and doing what I can to get them back, I beat the odds and found a wonderful man who loves me and treats me the way I should. I've learned from this experience and became stronger and smarter.
I hope you can relate!
Amommyof4 Amommyof4
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