Surviving And Still Going..

I am a survivor of sexual, mental, and physical abuse, from most of my family members and my uncle he raped me for 7 years (6 to 13) and is in jail at the moment, i have come a long way from my past till now, and each day is another day of trying to survive and not remember the things that has happen or not get triggered, many people think it is so easy, and 99 percent of them never has been through a situation like it, but in reality it isnt easy, people just say that to make you believe it is, atleast i know for me it wasnt easy, i go through struggles everyday and try and make something positive come out of it...i guess in the end things will get better in time....
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I am SO glad to see that you see yourself as a survivor; being one myself, I would say that it is the single most important perspective for healing that we can have...I am SO sorry about what others have done to you in your life, you did not deserve it and you deserve to heal and live a life of freedom and love...wishing you the very best.


There isn't much in common with me life. However I used to know a woman whose life experience was very similar to yours. She was a survivor and I see you are too. She too was raped by her father and she wound up needing to marry her 1st cousin. Its a very long story. She wound up with HepC and passed away from a drunk driver. This is all true and not an urban legend. I personally knew this woman. Her name was Patricia Persia. She lived in Delaware County, PA. I wish you well.

thank you

You will survive and you will thrive. Because you have the determination built within you. Others have gone through this before and made it through. You will, too.

your welcome sweetie, if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me :)

Wow great story. Same here on the physical and mental abuse for me. I agree with you it's not just a let it go type of dealio as some would like you to believe. I too struggle everyday to be careful with triggers and or associations. Thanks for sharing. Love D

Same to u sweetheart, ty

I have a lot in common with you.My stepdad raped me from when i was 6 till I was 13. he died in prison though. I am sorry you had to go through that. If you need anyone to talk to you can always talk to me

awww well thank you, god bless you to hun and take care.

Hello i just want to say by reading your story you are a strong person,and a inspiration to others. keep being the beautiful soul that you are,and keep thinking positive everything is already better because its a new day,THANK GOD,AND GOD BLESS YOU SWEETY!!!!