Life As I Know It...

I was very small when it all started with my daddy,
the touches on me, and he made me touch and other stuff on him.

It continued for years,
my mom would put salve on me after words...

After his death in 1978, I became invisible to my mother..
I raised myself..
Started running away, went to a shelter at age 9 where a man who worked here
said "your way to little to be here, get in my truck and I will take you some place safe."

So being 9 I got in the truck and he drove, (it was dark)
he stopped and said "now your safe. go on in."
i did, then i heard the door lock.
he grabbed me and put me in this small cage,
Will not say all he did to me..
but I learned what BDSM was all about..

I have 5 WONDERFUL children. my son passed in 2008.
he was from a rape.
In April 2012 i went to work for a man as a live in care taker for
his parents, (so i was told)
I was raped and tourcherd 6 times a day EVERY FREAKING DAY
for almost two months, but got away..
He is in jail waiting trial..
invisable2012 invisable2012
41-45, F
Sep 15, 2012