"I Am A Survivor..." (poem)


I have lived thru many hardships in my life,
I have fallen down,
I have cried at night,
I have lost hope.

I have looked the devil in the eye,
I have danced with demons,
I have lived my nightmares,
I have been trapped by my own fear.

I have felt the grief death leaves behind,
I have endured that desolate place called "lonely,"
I have reached in vain for absent "friends."

I have pulled blades from my back,
I have crawled until I could walk,
I have crossed my river of tears,
I have stood alone for what I believe.

My heart is broken:
But a broken heart still beats,
This heart beats with ferocious strength,
The beat is steady with peaceful compassion.

My body is tired and jaded:
Yet my spirit is wild and alive,
The fire in my soul burns brightly in the darkest night.

When I bleed,
My wounds will heal,
I will push on.
When I cry,
My tears will dry,
I will smile again.
When I am ignored,
I will speak louder,
I will be heard.
When I fall,
I will get up,
I will hold my ground.
When I am lost,
I will find my way,
My journey will continue.

I am strong,
I am wise,
I am here,
I am alive.
I am a survivor...

~ S.F.

fritsy2004 fritsy2004
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 7, 2008

What a wake up poem...all the things that i am feeling.....i feel like i have been pushed to the limits but some how i keep going...crying at night or when others are not around to see the pain that i feel or the heart ache.....but, as you stated... I to am a Survivor and i will push on ...thanks for the inspiration......

Im still finding my way ~ your poem is just beautiful