Survivor Vs. Victim

 You can either choose to be a Survivor Or allow yourself to be a Victim,

You may have very well been a victim at one time, but unless you deal with the pain, anger, sorrow

Your allowing your self to be the Victim!

I at one time was the victim, but now I am the Survivor..

He took the role of the Victim and could not allow Himself to be the survivor..

He chose to wither away in his sorrows, forgetting that there could be many more tomorrows

I miss him, yet I cant allow myself to remember that fatal Day,

For I would then become just like him, burdened with sorrow.

I often am reminded of his kind, gentle ways,  his sea green eyes, his loving smiles....

Tears do fall from time to time but I have to reason with myself

Putting the horrible event high up on a shelf.

You can either choose to be a survivor Or allow yourself to be a victim.


You may have very well been a victim at one time but unless you deal with the pain, anger, sorrow

Your allowing yourself to be the Victim.

I often wonder what the present would be like If you hadnt pulled that trigger.

Would we have lived happily ever after?

Regardless of what most say, I know your prescence is still here with me

As I hear your soft whispers when the wind blows,

Your gentle kiss when the sun shines upon me...

I feel your tears when the rain falls from the heavens above.

I am sorry you allowed yourself to be the victim,

Dont worry because of you, I have learned to be the Survivor!


*In loving Memory of Sean Thomas Pfister*

2BnLove 2BnLove
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9 Responses Nov 30, 2009

I get it Jus! I get you...I would have giggled....I am hoping you pick me for your team, I have never been part of a team I have only been my own team if you get my drift. I like when you let your colors show...makes me feel even more alive!

I really not sure where it comes form, do you get it. You never did tell me, silly. It may be a tool for you. Was this the ignitor to ask me on a cyber just showing I have a little bright colors to my persona. If you new me you would have laughed or are you a giggly kind. Well I change the seat in your areana to get a better look at where I want on of my top recruits this year to be able to reach her potentials while winning that last game. I am pondering if I need to bring any more up at this time. I have some time, to decide. What say You? Msrocketgirl36!

Wow what a beautiful thing to say jussie!!!

Your free from the cocoon of that night and now elenquetly float like a butterfly expressing your beautiful colors and amazing designs by breaking away so you may see the world in another relm. Knowing those colors and marks are a reminder and a rememberence and as you float like a butterfly you'll always know the source of the breeze. The breeze will be apart when your ready to soar.

or everyone could realize what being a victim really means

Thanks sportgurly, I must admit it took me five long years to get over the suicide of my fiance', not that I will ever be over it, but I realized that I can not blame myself for his choice and that my life had to go on even though his ended.

Delighted to see that you too own your own recovery, truly remarkable indeed. Well done you!

Thank you free 112 for your wonderful insight!

What a beautiful well written poem. We are the ones responsible for our own destiny. Just because we may fall in the trap, its an illusion cast upon ourselves, that all is lost. Only if we could reclaim all the pieces, we could accomplish so much. The littlest tweak of our Subconscious could bring such a positive atititde to this world.