After The Bar Closed!

My husband turned our porch into a bar and we often have friends over on the weekends! It's great fun and everybody has a place to stay if need be!
Well, this weekend was no exception! We had the regular crew over and it was a typical Saturday night. Then sometime around ten oclock, our friend Jeff got a text, he's always texting! Anyway, it turns out to be an old friend of mine from high school! Jeff asked if he could invite him over. My husband and I both agreed! George was always pretty cool, but just fell through the cracks like people do. We were both excited to see him. Personally, I always thought he was a hottie!! He was always a little reserved. But rumor had it he had quite the package! So, of course, I would welcome him on a Saturday night!
Geoge arrived sometime around 11:30. There were still 6 or 7 people still there, though slightly intoxicated. My husband waved him in. I couldn't believe my eyes! He is still a hottie! One of those people who still kooks the same after 30 years! His long wavy dark hair, and those captivating deep brown eyes!
After getting the hellos and how've ya beens out of the way, my husband, Frank, offered him a stool next to me! We instantly engaged in conversation and before you know it, it was almost 2 am and everyone was gone or passed out but George, Frank and I! I was having a wonderful time catching up on things! Frank fixed us another dring and decided to check on those who were staying the night. "I'll be back in a few minutes. She's all your's George!". "You have the bar, Marylyn! Make sure you take good care of him!" Frank winked at me as he walked away! He knew what I was thinking, and he made sure George saw the wink!
Frank was still gone when we finished our drinks, So I offered George another and mixed myself one. The bar was a mess so I chatted with him as I cleaned up. "Frank will be gone for a few minutes! He's throwing blankets, I'm sure! That's something I don't need right now! It's pretty warm in here! Don't you think?" I asked casually as I unbuttoned a button on my blouse. "I think so, too!" He replied, staring directly at my breasts! He had been eyeing me since he arrived, and I know he saw Frank's wink! So I unbuttoned one more as I moved my stool closer to his and sat back down. I was feeling pretty good and having no problem being forward! "You're still a good looking man, George! You carry your age well!" I'd been dying to say that all night! "As do you, Marylyn!" He replied. Just then he dropped his lighter on the floor. " I'll get it for you!" I smiled as I knelt to the floor to pick it up. I made sure he had a clear view of my clevage and a good look at my stockings as I knelt! "You sure make it hard for a drinking man to behave!" He snickered as I lit his cigarette! "Behavior is in the eyes of your environment, George!" I smiled. "Frank told me to take care of you! If I I don't, then it is I who would be misbehaving! Either way, Frank is cool with it!" "Seriously?" He asked. "Yes, he is! You heard him tell me to take care of you! What did you think he meant?" I asked as I sat down. "We haven't stayed married this long by being bored!" "I heard something like that!" He said as he placed a hand on my thigh. "If he's cool with it then so am I!" He smiled and slid his hand a little higher.
Just then Frank reappeared. "Everybody's comfy in the house! Is she taking care of you, George?" Frank asked, looking at me! "She's working real hard at it, Frank!" George looked at me and smiled as he replied! "She's a good woman!" Frank said as he went back to being bartender. He poured us all another and we chatted as I got more comfortable with Geoge and he with me! Frank loves to watch and coach me whenever somebody new is involved. I don't mind, I enjoy his guidance. He always hints in the right direction! It wasn't long and I was getting extremely horny! Geoge's hand was up my skirt, the lace on my thigh highs was totally visible, and I was getting hot! Frank winked and nodded at me and I knew what he meant! It was time to be cheap! So, as we talked, I unfastened George's pants and reached in for a feel! The word in school was right! He has a great package and it was rock hard! I was realing! We were talking as if nothing was happening as I pulled it out and began stroking slowly! Frank directed the conversation to George and I went down for a taste! "She is a good girl. Frank!" I heard him say as I slowly took him in my mouth! My throat stretched as I took him all the way! I was getting so horny as I worked him! I could barely stand it and had to do more! So I excused myself and went to the bathroom to freshen up and change into something more comfortable!
In my absence, Frank had explained to George how things work, I guess. George was much less tense and somewhat more agressive! My black and red corset and stockings were very visible under my semi sheer red robe. The front was open to invite him! I had no panties on and my tightly trimmed bush was visible under the lines of my garter! "You like?" Frank asked George as he poured another. "Oh yes! I like very much! She's beautiful!" His eyes about popped out of his head! "It's like I said, she's all your's!" Frank reassured him. And that I was! After the next drink, I asked, "Do you mind if I show him our room, Frank?" Of course, as always, Frank said, "Go ahead! I'll clean things up and be up in a while!"
Frank gave us an hour or so before he came up! Then it was a ********* till well after the sun came up!
It was a great time! I'm so happy to be a swinging Grandma!
Sharinsami Sharinsami
51-55, F
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Wonderful post! Keep enjoying that wonderful body with those you consider worthy. Great to see how delightfully you have embraced and enjoy your sexuality and sex!

May you continue to find talented lovers!

Thank you!

May you be an inspiration to other women to more completely enjoy sex, their bodies and your what pleasure it can bring!

I would enjoy being married to a woman like you!!

I try my best to inspire other women. And I've had some success! My lifestyle is not for everybody! My husband and I share a special chemistry.

damn.. on fine post.. but then,, i find grandma's sexy as hell

Thanks! Sami is my nickname! I do try to be a good hostess!

What a great story!