So Terrence Oglesby is like a cool mofo. He can basically shoot from half court and make it. And then he goes to make a dunk and misses it. That was just crazy. I mean you should have seen the look in Oliver's face. Now that was Priceless. But anyways, I was at a Clemson game last week and there was this woman sitting behind me that would say "oh no don't give the ball to Oglesby", and when he would get the ball she would say, "Oh no Oglesby, don't shoot". And I want to turn around and just knock the crap out of her. UGH!! The boy is good. Some people just need to shut the f*@& up sometimes. It ****** me off. And therefore, I made this group!!! 

SCChick1990 SCChick1990
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2009