Clearing The Air ... Sorta

Being Trans, a Transexual ... what it really means. Waht it means to me as a Trans-woman.

There is so much more to that most don't see. It's not a fantasy or a fantasy world.

Being Trans is hard. It is not a bed of roses, nor is it fun and games. No matter how some others think about us or portray us.

The truth is ... to be yourself there is a good chance that you will lose everything. You could have the world today and nothing, no one the next.

As you can see, being trans is even more than the expenses involved and most people don't even see this far.

Both are draining but the first, losing family and friends and your job ...

Being more alone than you can imaging is a real possibility.

But being transexual is pretty much a do or die situation, like being in a box. A box that is a prison more confining than you'll ever imagine.

Being yourself or dying with in over and over again until you really can't go on any more. A physical and mental prison.

Some find the strength to take their journey in the way(s) that they see as right for them, 'their way'.

Not all roads, paths and journeys are alike ... After all, we are all different, but with the same goal.

Through it all we are all searching ... searching to be ourselves and for a place to be and belong.

I think to me, part of the reward is that trans women hold themselves to a higher standard.

I must strive to be better every day. Being a woman born with this very unfortunate birth defect is traumatizing.

Many look upon us as p*rn stars or perverts ... and we are not.

Some of us have pride in ourselves and respect ourselves and work hard to show that every day.

We strive to be better persons, women worthy of being who we are ... women.


We need to remember our losses and read more of the true stories of those who have gone before us, before me, and made their way.

An old Native American proverb tells us “Never criticize others till you have walked a mile in their moccasins.” Now I know some would not entertain actually doing that ... it really isn't that easy. However maybe being open minded enough to take the time to see and understand who a person is might fulfill this proverb.

So I wanted to add these few 'cents' of my thoughts. I wanted to clear the air so to speak here where I can record my thoughts just as others do on the news or in published articles.

To say I am not what we all hear elsewhere in this world.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Yes Josie, I do believe that you have cleared the air, and now if only more were to read and understand this to its fullest. But at the same token there are still oh so so many out there that no matter how we do and say they will never understand, which is their loss. They maybe friends, family, perfect strangers, BUT you know we must never ever give up doing and saying, because there are still others that we can reach, they do understand, and they do accept us for who and what we truly. So with that said, GOOD work Josie, right to the point, keep it up, you make me proud to be your friend.

Josie I am sorry that you have had to suffer through the pains inflicted on you by ignorant people who have no idea of how much they actually hurt others. There are too many of them out there both m & f. Your writings help but more is needed. I am a straight male and have never had feeling to become a woman, so I am asking you to make me your friend to show others that you are as worthy of my friendship as anyone else. <br />
<br />
Bless you Josie, counselor67 (Mark)

Oh, Sister, I'm so sorry you've had to pay such a high price just to be you. Great big hug coming your way ... it's the least I could do.