I Gave Her Explosive Diarrhea In Public

a few years my good friend denisse was with my boyfriend and I never thought serious of it. But as thing turned out denisse ended up sleeping with my bf and that really got me mad.I had to forgive my bf and instead of beating him up about it , ive decide to exact my payback on denisse. She totolly think i was over it and we be friend again for months after that. And one day Denisse had a parade to attend where she would require to dress up as a full throtle girl, this require her to wear a tight one piece clothing set and boots. so i thought since she was full of **** with me, she should go **** herself in public, total humilation!!
so I invited her fours hrs before the parade to come over and I made her breakfast with eggs laced with 8 women laxatives and hot exlax tea. upon seeing her consuming it i was in joy!!. so we hug and i wish her a good time I told her "dont hold back denisse let it all out and make some noise". She literary did with her butt in the parade. As the hours passes my bf and i were matching along the full throttle truck where she sat and i literary got my justice. she was cover in sweats and the look on her face was a nervous one. she couldnot sit still and her legs are shaking bad. she barely waving at the crowd, i see her gripping tightly on the seat handle and breathing heavy as if she had to let something out. I yelled out her name and she looked at me and my bf, she was half smilling half grinning. you know one of those look like the "where will you be when your laxative work looks" !!! my bf dont know what 's up with her, but i do and i wished her butt blow out a **** storm in her suit/ really tight pants. and it did!!
after an hrs into her struggle as the crowd grew larger on the street . denisse suddenly drop her jar for a good 3 minutes, her eyes then got real misty as she shut them tightly and made a long grind with her lip. i can tell the laxative is winning. she then had to shift her butt back and forth on the seat several time as the parade got crowded. it got really good at one point she when cannot sit on the pressure to poop any longer and stood up. that's right she literary stood up straight and grope onto her butt as it brusts out a massive ammount of **** in her tight suit. she is now in muddy pants. the hilarious part was she had no choice but to sit back down on her hot full crown. she looked like a deer caught in headlight by now, she was in tears, and like a person who need to sneeze she had to sit there andsneeze with her butt as she let the **** pour it way out into her pants. my bf said she looked like she needed to throw up but i know the truth that , everything she really needed to get out ,demanded to come out at the wrong time in the wrong place and it not coming out of her mouth....lol ....she was always full of ****...and now she got to confessed !!!!....LOL

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8 Responses Aug 19, 2010

I think you're a hypocrite. Forgive your equally as ****** boyfriend who chose to cheat on you and punish your friend. Disgusting.

would have loved to see that, haha.

great job
hug and kisses

Great story. Nothing better than a woman making another **** her pants. In public is an added bonus.

revenge is meant to be sweet but this revenge was stinky lol the feeling must have been awesome but i must admit i would like one of your breakfasts

so would i ******* it diarrhea in my pants oooo such a warm feeling

BTW, have you seen commercials for the "Diatabs" anti-diarrhea medicine? There are a few on Youtube, and they feature young women who suddenly get diarrhea in awkward situations. There are fart sounds and other effects in them too! There is one which takes place on a wedding, some kind of dance, and even a parade, just like in your story!<br />
<br />
There is also a commerical for "Tide" detergent in which a woman in her late 30s or early 40s fidgets around in her car in a traffic jam and suddenly she ***** her pants with diarrhea!

Woow, great story! I too had a nice ************ while reading it. You're so twisted for choosing this kind of punishment. It turned me on because of this twistedness, and because of the whole uncontrollable explosive diarrhea thing. Like that "colon blow" scene in the movie "Van Wilder", except this happened to a girl, which makes it even more hotter!<br />
<br />
You rock!

sounds like she deserved it. I hate having diarrhea myself & I hate ******** my diaper with diarrhea in it, not fun having it slosh around in my diaper, great story!