Being Tall Isn't Bad

I'm around 5'10, 5'11. My fraternal twin is my height, my older sister is 5'7 and my eldest sister is 5'4. I'm the tallest.
My father is 6'4 so I know where it comes from. At first, when I got tall, it wasn't so much a jealousy or dislike that I had. It was discomfort. Between 8th and 9th grade I grew seven inches, from 5'3 to 5'10. I was taller than all of my friends and could see over the heads of most classmates. People think it's bad to date a guy that's shorter than you, but if you meet a nice guy it HONESTLY does not matter. I wore three inch heels to prom, and yeah, I was taller than my date who was normally a quarter / half inch short than me anyway. Did I care? No. Did I look a little quirky in the photos? Yeah. Do I care? No.
It's all perspective. If you feel comfortable you will look comfortable.
Plus we tall girls get the benefits! In sociological terms, people that are taller are more successful and have a higher average pay amount than those who are shorter. We get the physical aspect of being taller than most which can be an ego boost (and it discourages the shorties from messing with you) and we can have the option of modeling.
And we don't have to stand on our tippy toes to reach the peanut butter that got stuck in the top cupboard!

Being tall rocks! I love it!
Amorialla Amorialla
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Tall women are so sexy.

Your confidence is awesome!!

Yes it does....

Yes being tall does rock!!! woo-hoo :)