I Am Taller Than My Brother

I have a brother that is a year and a half older than me, when I was 14 I started a growth spurt over the summer that brought me from 5 "1" ft. tall to 5 "7", which isn't too tall, but my brother was only 5"4" at the time, and he couldn't stand being shorteer than his little sister. He did eventually grow to be about 5 "11", but I also grew some more, until I hit 6 ft. when I was 16. He still isn't happy to this day that I am taller than him.
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I had a similar situation with my sister, I was always the shortest in class, and at one point she grew taller then me which was humiliating enough. What was worst is my dad would always mark our heights on the door, he had to start marking it on different doors cause of how upset it made me to see. She would always make snyde comments and laugh about it.

What was worst was how much people in school would make fun of it, and to complicate matters she would start wearing boots and heels which dwarfed me furtuher, and i know she did it on purpose.

how tall were both of you?

the swimming is really hard to me cuz' my feet cant reach the ground and the water covers me completely !EMBARRASSING when you stand next to me LOOOOL , also my sister who is 15 yrs old is taller than me ..sometimes i find it hard to drive a car while my sister can drive it easily cuz' her sxy legs she beats me in everything like swimming , basketball , getting stuffs on the shelves, riding a bicycle and sometimes when we go to a restaurant i cant reach the window while she can . VERY EMBARRASSING

Yesterday, for my bad luck, we went to a restaurant that has a HIGH window and while we are going to order, my sister and I know that i cant reach my head at the window ,she said what is your order? cuz' i ma gonna order ,shorty ! ,she laughed. I felt embarrassed.while she was ordering , i looked to her hands's elbows that can stand on the window and her chest reach it too. while even my head can't .every 3 weeks i see how she is growing faster . I think i will be a DWARF brother to her.

i also have a sister who is taller than me and i am man older than her.. iam 20 and (150cm) , and she is 15 and (179cm) ..some times i cant reach stuffs on the wall cabinet while she can ..embarrassing.one day , we were in the swimming pool and she asked me to compare our height ,you won't belive it, my eyes reached her breasts LOL ..its weird being man shorter than my little sister

Thanks. I always wonder about brothers who get outgrown by their sisters..especially the older brother!