Taller Than Most.

6'0" here. its quite.... difficult because:

1. my feet hang off the bed
2. bump my head on everything
4. always gotta stand in the back of pictures
5. "excuse me, you're tall, can you get me that?"
6. did i mention the guys?!
Sidneyiet04 Sidneyiet04
18-21, F
5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I'm 6' too. Finding nice clothing that fit was often a problem twenty (something) years ago when I was a teenager but now that there are more of us tall girls around, I think clothing selection got better.

I love tall girls :)

Hahaha i feel ya. Im 6'1" and im the short one in my family. Were all tall. So i feel your pain lol :-)

I know how that feels, but you should be happy that your tall because you can do lots of stuff that shorter people can't. I know most guys prefer shorter women and it's kinda frustrating, but if a guy doesn't like you because of your height, than he's not worth it. I'm 5'9" and it's it's akward being as tall or taller than the guys. I'm sure you'll find a guy that will appreciate a girl like you at 6 foot. =)

Don't worry about how tall you are. There's going to be someone that's going to be turned on by how tall you are. Some guys like shorter women because they don't want to be challenged. If you are a big guy, you do get the advantages in sports and business, but a lot of them are little boys inside. That's because when they play sports and a little guy knocks them on the ground and they cry, their parents pick em up and say, "STOP CRYING! YOUR A BIG BOY! ACT LIKE IT! So when they see you they think of their ball busting mommy. If he's a real man, he'll see you as a challenge to woo you...then you can decide to raise a bunch of basketball players or split the difference and average out the human race.

I hope to be your friend.