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Hey, im a 6'1 16 year old, so i kinda stand out a bit. i also play volleyball and has been asked to model but rejected it cause vball is more important. but when i look up school for vball there are no girls even close to my height. im listed as 6'2 to make me seem taller for scouts. but i hate it, i hate being measured, and being known as the tall girl. It bothers me how people think that 5'8 and 5'9 seems tall, cause its not. i just feel alone in the situation.
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Don't feel bad. I am a 5-2 man and my life long best friend and next door neighbor is a 6-8 girl! I turned 18 last week and she is 16. Every since we were little kids she has embarrassed me in pictures and when we hang out. She is incredibly attractive and she models and does not play any sports. Last year we went to homecoming together as friends and she asked if she could were her heels because no matter what the pictures would be ridiculous. I said yes and she took this to mean wear the high heels she has never been able to wear. She had the highest heels at the dance, around 6 inches. She was 7-2 with the heels. She couldn't walk at all. She only wore them for pictures. At her house her family did the thing were they measured her and her siblings heights every year on a wall in there basement. She was almost exactly my height now when she was 7, actually about an inch taller. Even though I am a little over a year when I was 10 and she was 11, having just finished began puberty, the man checking heights in the line said that I was too small to ride alone, but I can ride on my babysitter's lap (gesturing toy friend). She was often hit on by high school guys when she was about 11 or 12 and 6-0 and we were inseparable all summer long and she was called my big sister and babysitter many times. The most embarrassing event having to do with our heights was when we went to an amusement park for my fourteenth birthday. I was tall enough to ride the biggest roller coaster called the wild thing and I was super excited, but the seers were off the ground because the track was above seats and the riders were intended to dangle. I could not get on the seats by myself, so in front of all of out other friends at the party she lifted me from behind to help me, but when she noticed how incredibly light I was, instead of putting me on the seat, she put me over her shoulder. She was at that time a 6-2 12 year old, so she was not very mature even although I didn't look like she wouldn't be. I asked her to put me down but she wouldn't and was laughing. The blood was rushing to my head and I was yelling for her to put me down, but she wouldn't. I was then in a little bit of pain and I was kicking and screaming and crying for her to put me down before she finally did. We had one awkward romantic event too. I was 16 and she was 16 and we went to a movie. I had just got my license and I drove her home. I wanted to kiss her when I got out of the car to drop her off. I got up to her porch but she was at that point 6-6 and I was 5-2. I had to ask her if I could kiss her and she bent over, but she was very uncomfortable when the kiss started, so she put her hands under my arms and lifted me up. The kiss became passionate as all of the feelings we had for each other our entire lives game out. I wrapped my legs around her skinny abdomen, she supported my weight easily, even though she was so thin herself. Her 13 year old sister isn't quite as big, she is 6-0. She is also very big but acts like a child like her sister did, and ever since she beat me in arm wrestling she always puts me in wrestling holds and carries me around, but playing with her sister got me used to it. What I am saying is your height isn't a big deal and many people have bigger problems with it and they make it work.

oh my god !! i am 20 yrs old man and 150 cm .. you r taller than me a way !! you are very lucky cuz' i cant reach stuffs on the shelves while you can do it easily ,and the swimming is really hard cuz' my feet cant reach the ground and the water covers me completely !EMBARRASSING when you stand next to me LOOOOL , also my sister who is 15 yrs old is taller than me ..sometimes i find it hard to drive a car while my sister can drive it easily cuz' her sxy legs she beats me in everything like swimming , basketball , getting stuffs on the shelves, riding a bicycle and sometimes when we go to a restaurant i cant reach the window while she can . VERY EMBARRASSING

Sweetie im 6'1" myself.... have been since the summer in between my 16th and 17th year. Im now 32..... trust me it gets better. I played volleyball all through high school and my first two years of college. No scholarship or anything i wasnt that good. I just wanted to tell you to enjoy it all while you can cause it will pass by quickly. Dont worry about the lil things. Your height is a plus so enjoy it :-)

hi I had the same problem in high school but I played on the basket ball team and Im 6'4" as I have gotten older and away from High school drama I found my height as an asset and I now embrace it, if people made a rude comment on my height I started to tell them " hay I'm not freakishly tall you all are just freakishly short." they usaly would stop bothering me after that

Hi my name is Bob You posted that Your 16 & 6' 1" Tall. If i stood in front of You looking up. You be looking down wondering what appears to be a lil boy wants since i stand 4'4" Tall. But i will be 18 in June so i am older then You and a bit shorter. LOL

I'm also 6'1" at high school, but play netball, not volleyball. My friends are all 5'8" or less, and the tallest at 5'8" is constantly complaining about how tall she is. I'm so self concious all the time, but at least we are both using our height to our advantage! It was nice to read this and know someone else knows what I'm going through. Thanks :)

gosh, what i would give to be that tall!!! im 5 feet tall, i hate it!!!!! im anorexic, and being short makes you look fat. oh i would love to be your height!!!! you need to love your height girl!!!! your beautiful, and unique!!! and, would your rather be, the tall girl, or the fat dwarf?