I'm a girl who's around 6'-6'1". Even though I've always been confident, my height used to make me self conscious. Nowadays, I'm totally comfortable with my body and love the feeling of being different :) My height has opened up so many opportunities in terms of modeling and sports, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! My advice is to always stand up tall and never treat your height like it's a bad thing. <3
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I admire and love tall girls. in fact I am very short man, 5.3 only.

how tall were you at 13

im so jealous!! girls who are tall have more careers to choose from.. being short gives u nothing :(

I bet your school photos are awesome...just cause your friends would be so small lol tall women are sexy as hell though...

Tall girls are hot.

Own it.

Heck yes! Always be confident in your body! I dig the confidence!