Building My Career Back Up

So what made you a successful tattoo artist? ty ;P
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4 Responses Jul 7, 2011

Ps. Your hands are your money. Baby them. Don't play sports, ski, skateboard, ironically texting etc. stretch your hands and fingers everyday. I teach tattooing, I tell them the same. I get hand and wrists massages, sometimes having to take anti- inflammatory. Getting carpal tunnel, trigger finger and back issues are common. It is a career ender. Once carpal tunnel has affected you, even with surgery, you will have to get more and more surgeries. Love and pamper your body.

Tattooing has become a fine art. Think outside the box, learn body mechanics and how the body moves. I like to sit down with clients and pick their brain, so the tattoo is personal to them and their life.
I am a custom artist, it is important for me and the client to collaborate, make it less overwhelming, make them comfortable. Virgins especially, because one bad experience with another artist can ruin them for life.
I agree with orinok0, as a tattoo artist I believe you need to work in other mediums for your self. Your under pressure all the time to create for others, you need an outlet for your own creativeness. Other mediums help you as a tattoo artist.
I paint, watercolor, sculpt. I was a fashion designer, and interior designer. Funny enough my past careers have been a benefit, color theory, textures, etc...
Remember your an artist first then a tattoo artist.

Take your time, don't ever rush through anything.

Slow, steady lines, consistent strokes, lots of practice, learn all you can.

Care about what you're always shows in your work. If tattooing becomes a "job", it's probably time to do something else.

always try to develop yourself as an artist, always try to make better and do what your best of. Use enough ink, don't abuse your patient. Ink deep enough, never too much. Keep your machine steady, make straight line.<br />
Never be cocky, try to stay humble, it shows in your performance. Know what you do and what you should, never hesitate. (If you feel like hesitating, practice more - there's ALWAYS room for practice)<br />
<br />
Draw every day, study lines and shading, take art classes, see the world and even the littlest of things. Open your eyes, see all shapes.<br />
<br />
and most of all - count on yourself.