Makin The Ink Stay

okay ive been doin tattoos for about 2 years now and i keep on gettin a hard time to get color to stay under the skin.i know depth of my needle is right but i use baby towels to wipe it down when in process of tattooing is it possible that by doin so i reduce the ink in the skin and that is why it doesnt seem to go in???????????????????i would appreciate a come back on that  if anyone can help write back thx.....

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Oh hell.. yea dont use baby wipes.. not good.. do this, it works great.. use a&d on your stincel before tattooing.. not much just dab it on.. and use a dry paper towel.. dont use anything but a dry one.. dont wanna wash anything out of the skin.. but with the ointment the skin stays moist enough to easily wipe away extra ink left behind.. as for getting color to stay, every artist is different.. just try a new tech. just make sure you dont turn them into hamburger.. stop before you get that far and try touching up later.. just make sureyour power supply is higher for shading..

Holy crap dude.....Yes, it would directly affect the ink that's going in the skin as well as healing. It's pretty simple: Alcohol ba<x>sed products will affect tattoo ink. So, realistically all you should be using is antibacterial soap mixed with water. get your self a squirt bottle where only a minimal amount of liquid comes out, squirt in 3 or 4 quirts of soap, then the rest water. I would recommend VIVA paper towels, they're soft and dont do damage to they client's skin when your wiping.<br />
Put away the baby wipes dude, save them for baby's butts lol

I wouldn't use baby wipes, they have many chemicals that could affect the absorption of the ink. I just use plain paper towels. It also may depend on your technique.