My Dream Job

my dream is to one day become a tattoo artist. ive wanted todo this for years and finally decided to stick with it. i love art and i love drawing and painting. ive used it as my way of excape ive drawn up several tattoos for ppl and am getting an american flag i drew up for myself feb 22, i hope my hard work pays off and become great at thi one day

SuttonsGirl SuttonsGirl
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

hey i say live life to the fullest and let no one get in your way to achieve this dream i did and it cost me 10years of experience i could have now if i would of been hard headed and kept it my way.its worth every minute you do this anyway for me it is would do only that if i could but situation does not permit me now mayby later.but now i know where i am goin and trust me no one will stop me.