Please Tell Me Its Not Like This At Every Tattoo Shop...

I'm told that this same particular brand of a*sholary will be at any shop I go to.

I hope this isn't true. If it is, however, I need to figure out how to handle it because I am not going to ******* give up. This art form is too  prescious to me, I don't know what I'd do without being a part of it.

I apprenticed here, and now I am working here. I have only been tattooing for about a year, my work has really clean lines, I'm good with black and grey shading, designing and placement, colorpacking I honestly am struggling with. Its a ******* $5,000 scam (All these new apprentices would always get  "taken in" or made their ***** during the Fall to "train" them or pay for rent. I suspect a lot of the shops in my area know this.  The only people who taught this are gone off to other shops because they were tired of getting ****** over by the owner's greed (and a reputation for a sexual assault record may I add).

I'm afraid another shop won't want me, not until I have more experience. But things got so ****** at my shop a couple days ago that it affected my work for the first time. Thats when I realized I need to **** or get off the pot (leave the shop).

There's an ******* who doesn't run the shop who is about to in a couple of weeks. This ******* tries to sabbatoge everyone he works with but the boss, whose *** he's currently ******* very well. I need to figure out how to deal with this guy or go somewhere else. Unfortunatley I'm not sure I have the option to go somewhere else until I have yearsof experience under my belt.

This guy talks **** about everyone to everyone else, including to other artist's clients as soon as the artist leaves the room! He's tried to single and backhandedly get all of us fired. Two apprentices have left and 2 more are geting ready to leave because he is their designated power-tripping teacher. He tells them two different opposite things (misinformation) at different times, and that his way is the only way. And doesnt' teach them **** other than that the'yre worthless.

My Machines I would start finding to be out of wack when it was working fine hours ago, but I'd always blame it on my lack of experience before someone ******* with my machines. This ******* walks out of my station HOLDING one of my machines and asking me where I got it because he hadn't seen it before. And sure enough when I was about to start my next tattoo My liner was fast enough to tear someone up (luckily I caught on to it) and my shader was sputttering and the needle depths were changing every other 30 seconds.

The next day I came in with a giant metal lockbox and he couldn't look me in the face for the remainder of that day.

He *******, talks ****,  tells people he's better than everyone, sets people up to get in trouble with the boss, and makes sneaky sabatoge efforts in any backhanded spineless way he can. This is just a glimpse...

Any tips on how I can deal with this guy (other than with a baseball bat)?

Are there ******** of this clalibur in most tattoo shops or am I just lucky? And If you have any suggsetions on staying to a certain point(****) or get off the pot it'd be much appreciate.  How would I go about getting hired at my first shop out of the one I apprenticed from? Or how would I deal with ******** like these?

I wanna be pleasant around him and not cause tension because thats not good for a client comming in to get a permanant or metal piece of art on/in their bodies, but I wanna just tear his ******* throat out... This tension is building up and the anger is getting bigger than my goals, and I can't let that happen...


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5 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Spread the word about what an @sshole he is, and maybe no one will go to him. Man, If I knew someone was doing that to another tattooist, it would p*ss me off. He sounds like such a spineless little b*stard to me!

put clear fingernail polish on his clipcord ends. he'll tear his entire setup apart trying to find the problem. <br />
<br />
quit being a *****, and deal with him harder than he's dealing with you. the **** will stop. hit me up if you need anymore dastardly **** to do to him.

Wow, that's terrible. I was fortunate enought to have the best apprenticeship ever by 6 different artists. you're supposed to help to further their success, after all they are laying ink in a manor in which you taught them. Let your work speak for itself and let **** lay where it manifests. This guy/girl who's doing all this backstabbing will not last long.

Thankyou all! I left about a month ago, but I got hired at a shop less than a week later, because lucky me, an artist I apprenticed under that left owns his own shop =) It got so much worse toward the end of leaving, I was stressed to the point it was affecting my work, so the responsible thing to do was leave right then. But really, if I had left way earlier I would have been a lot better off! Oh well. Ha I shoulda listened to you guys earlier, along with pretty much everyone I knew. <br />
<br />
I love the new shop! These artists are all open! They are so comfortable discussing they're techniques and I do the same for them! Ha and I got so used to mistrusting people and taking everything said as potential sabatoging bullshit. Its a hard habit to break, which I think risks stunting my growth of an artist as well. But if I could deal with my last shop I can certainly work this one out =)

If I were you I'd get another job FAST. Find another place to work. It's NOT like this at every shop. You would get a job somewhere else the same way you would for any other occupation - portfolio of your work, resume, letters of recommendation, etc.<br />
<br />
You're not supposed to be miserable and dread going in to work. It's like any other job though, and sometimes you have to put up with different personalities and opinions, but overall there should be a level of respect and harmony.<br />
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If you choose to stay I suggest having a serious conversation with the owner or manager about the situation, and tell them honestly what's going on from your perspective. Be sure to express your discomfort and concerns. If the owner doesn't care that one of his employees is trying to destroy his shops reputation, he's not worth working for.