I Garner a Lot of Attention For My Tatts..

I have two Bettie Page pin-up tatts, one on each calf. And my most unique inking is twin pantyhose lines up the back of my legs that took 5 1/2 hours to complete! I got those first and then followed them up with the two pin-ups to complete the look. I wanted the same artist to do all the work so it would be congruous. You can see my one pin-up in my Avatar.

I didn't realize fully how different I would be out on the beach after all that art work. I was actually self-conscious and wanting to cover them up! Especially the pantyhose. Those were more than I was ready for. I will post the pic in my photos so check back with me.

I'm still friends with the guys that ran the shop and gave me my beautiful art. I dated the owner of the shop, and that always helps with the discount!!

There is a video that my ex has of me getting the one you see picutred there. I was singing and crying and laughing.. and drinking a little beer.

I have 13 tatts in all and still ready to get more. My un-offical Burlesque name that the owner of the shop gave me is "Harlot O'Hara"  like it don't ya?  I'm planning on getting HARLOT on my right shoulder. I have DADDY on my left shoulder.

I really want to get more pirate tatts to continue that obsession! the idea of the opposing words.. PURE and EVIL yeah baby...

I encourage you to think carefully before you choose your artwork as well as in choosing your artist. The best tatts take time, so get ready to sit in that chair or ly on that table for a good long time. You will enjoy the results!

Tatt on my people, tatt on!

Peace and Hair Grease!

I wish I looked as awesome as that girl in the picutre.

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I'd love to see your ink

I see us all, women, any size shape or color as a fascinating work of art. So why not add more art to your skin and give someone a reason to smile or give them something to talk about. Every time a hot Rockabilly guy sees my tatts on my legs they flip out!!<br />
i'm known more downtown by my tatts that by my face!!

Awesome story! I just got another (however, not as many as you) and I was worried about it being my first visible tattoo (it's on my wrist). But every time I see it, its like damn right! I wanted this I got it! Your pin-up is beautiful!

5 and a half hours!!!

I like your attitude! I really do! :)