With A Capital T-aurus. That's Me.

I am Taurus through and through.

I am proud to be a Taurus, we are the most powerful of the zodiac calendar. No other sign can come close to ours once we become a charging bull.
We can initimidate others easily if we so desire. Also, Taurus' born in the month of May are extra intuitive, and naturally possess psychic abilities, hence why most Taureens would never be caught getting a palm reading or visiting a psychic...we already know the things we want, like when a lover is doing something to hurt us, or when a family member is in trouble, and possess an amazing sense of timing, in the now and in the future.

Being a Taurus is pretty awesome, except for that the other signs accuse of being boring...boring we are not, we just happen to be in complete control with mind, body and spirit...the other signs think we are boring because we are not a mess, and dont need to be rescued. We are just as happy alone as we are with a companion.

Love is in our hearts, but Freedom is in our souls.

Carry on Taureens, and know that this Bull is looking out for you.
valkor5 valkor5
22-25, F
2 Responses May 4, 2011

No wonder your answers make so much sense to me, we're both Taureens! (I had no idea that the plural form was spelled this way until reading your post!) I so relate to what you are saying here, volkan. Do you ever feel like your being taken advantage of because your so nice? And maybe missing out on opportunities (for promotion, etc)? I don't know about you but, I have no temper and pretty much let everything "slide"...up to a point. And that point is pretty far out. Any thoughts?

lol that's funny, no wonder we seem communicate well! ;)
Yes, I do at times feel I'm being taken advantage of, but I also have a very short temper...I dont get taken advantage of for long before I become a charging bull. But I definitely relate to feeling like I'm missing out on opportunities. I think it's b/c we fear change, and though we know we are overly qualified for the opportunities...we also know that these opportunities come with a bitter-sweet consequence - CHANGE! lol But yes, I tend to let a lot of things slide. I am often accused of being cold, or nonfeeling, when really there is a storm brewing beneathe the surface. We need to surround ourselves with patient people, as us taureens...well, we do everything on our time. Its our way or the highway! lol

I so agree with your post here, my young friend! :) I was born on the very last day of the month of April! and i am very intuitive and i have pyschic abilities!,. Oh! heck no! i would never ever vist a pyschic or palm reader!! :) <br />
<br />
It is absolutely awesome being a Taurus! oh! yes!!!! :) <br />
Thank you so much for sharing your post my young friend! :) I really enjoyed it so much! :)