Stubborn for the most part i believe... we are yet lenient.. don't get  me wrong even though we are stubborn we can bend the rules a lil and go with it. If of course you know how to speak to us. Analytical and orderly. It's the way to be.. We like nice things and work extra hard for them.. Charmers and normally well spoken with a tad of bluntness.. When we love someone we can be a bit over protective. It's not that we are all up on ur balls or controlling..but we love you. and we love spending time with you and making you happy. We are very giving even when they don't deserve it. But god knows if you **** up... that's it ur in the shitt list depending on the situation of course. Security and stability is important to Tauruses. Most Tauruses I've met have beautiful Colgate smiles.. and we love pictures..and looking good..
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I agree. sex is really important to any Taureans. It's not only about the pleasure of the sexual act itself but the connection we have during and after sex. For me personally i feel more connected and intimate to the person when i'm with them sexually. For me it just brings us closer as a couple or two people. We do enjoy pleasuring our partner than to be pleasured thats for sure. And we are hard core romantics in bed and personally. But we can be kinky and fun too in the sheets. :)

You have described us perfectly. I love sex and are always thinking about it ;-)

What you said is so true about Taureans. I was born on the 21st April, so an early Taurean. I have to say that i'm hardly ever stubborn but when the occasion calls for it I can be. We demand respect, honesty and above all loyalty. I have had no problems in the past severing friendships with people who have been disloyal or dishonest. Once a person does this, they are no longer a friend of mine.<br />
<br />
I am security conscious and do save my money well. I don't believe in wasting it on things which aren't worthwhile. I do have straight colgate teeth and do look after myself as health and fitness is important to me. Looking good, healthy and fit is what I like. <br />
<br />
However there is one thing that you have left out regarding Taureans and that is s*x. We are very s****l and sensual people. I know I am and I do really love it ;-)