Call Me Materialistic If You Wish But....

 I have no problem going out of my way for my boyfriend. I just hate to be taken advantage of, and I have no intentions of giving all and getting little to nothing in return. It's a fair exchange. I have bought so many outfits that I thought looked cute and said to myself "When my boyfriend takes me out I will wear this." These outfits are gathering dust quicker than a vacuum in my closet. I think I need a romantic partner. Someone who will surprise me with something I actually want once in a while. Someone who can take the time to treat me without being cheap about it. Someone who will send me flowers on Valentines day and not simply say "aahh it's overrated don't you agree?" 

It's not quantity it's quality. I highly value quality. If you take me out to dinner, don't tell me what I can and can't have on the menu because it's not in your budget. If you decide to treat me and take me to the movies don't only pay for your ticket, and don't be willing to make me go hungry because you can't afford the food. A hungry Taurus is not a happy Taurus. 

if  I ask for an artist's CD for my birthday, don't get a blank disc, burn all their songs on it, write the title in black permanent marker and hand it to me. I could do that myself. If I ask for it, I want the real thing. 

Try and be on time, Christmas gifts in the middle of July are shameful. I have a problem with spending hundreds on someone who can't scrape up $50 when its needed...but when a party, or event or something he wants comes up, the money magically appears. 

Don't get me one gift and try to compound multiple events into it to save money. "Surprise I got you this shirt, (not my style by the way) that's Christmas, your birthday gift, and anniversary gift put together."

He talks about us being long term, getting married etc. but if he honestly thinks I'm going to spend the rest of my life with someone who doesnt know how to treat a lady...he's only fooling be quite honest....I don't even know why I'm still with him. 
Nellez Nellez
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2011

I can totally relate! Have you tried telling him how you feel? And how his actions upset you? I've been in a similar situation and this helped. If you have a good man, and you're still with him so maybe he has something to offer, then I would suggest opening up. If he doesn't respond,, kick him to the curb! Advice from personal experience from a fellow Taurus. Best to you, friend!

ya i have but then he says all i think about is money....which isn't true....i don't know how to say it without him thinking material things are all i think about. But ya I've decided to do some kicking. lol thanks