Slow To Anger

I was recently bored and started reading about the different zodiac signs in Wikipedia. I decided to really read about the Taurus, since that is what I am. I came across something that it me perfectly. It says that, "Taureans are likened to the bull in being slow to show anger, but capable of raging if pushed too far." That is me100%. I don't get angry or upset right off the bat. I let things boil and build up until I decide to snap off. Sometimes I'll snap on someone I didn't mean to and I'll end p apologizing to them. It is just I let it all boil and build up inside and then when I do, it's like a volcano erupted. I didn't know that is a characteristic trait of the Taurus.
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4 Responses Oct 8, 2011

Yup. That's me alright.

now i understand myself better with this family.....

I understand how you guys feel man i can let things just sit and sit until i'm over the whole thing and get pissed, i had a old history teacher who was the target of the taurus bull, but he was very important and close to me, but he wasn't a saint he could just push me and there it was he could say something to **** me off or do something to **** me off he knew how too get me.

oh i know how it is..............i am very unpredictable with anger, at home or at work place i keep at under lid. i like to stay calm with people are not very close to me, but once somebody gets very close and the bond is very anger always rise even at their small mistakes. i love my mom horribly and she is always the target of my anger which slow down immediately!!!!! and i am not very proud of this fact that i lose my cool with the people i love most!!!!