I Am Proud To Be A Taurus But ...

I am not really into star signs and astrology, but I see it more as a guideline than anything.

The funny thing though I hate telling girls I am a Taurus. They usually frown like it 'oh that sucks' that I have the star sign or that suddenly I am not compatible with them. Really now whats wrong for a guy being a Taurus? Can any lady out there please explain why this is ... or is it just me?

Firstly I'm less materialistic. Secondly I'm not stingy. I am the least stingy person I know. Least of all is that I am resentful. How come are these like big vices for a Taurus?

I dunno what the big deal is anyway, but I like who I am as I am and that's it.

One Love
Fifal Fifal
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 26, 2012

We are often seen as boring because we can be reserved but we are great! We are the best friends, loyal, very sexual and many other great traits! Just shrug it off, they may be jealous haha or cauious because we can be kniwn for our tempers