A True Taurus

I'm definitely a Taurus.... I find it funny that before i even understood what a Taurus was i acted the same. And when i read the characteristics of a Taurus i was shocked. Almost everything described me. Also,my mother and sisters are. It's a crazy experience living in the same household with all of us due to the stubborn side of the Taurus.
~faithful friends
~great capacity for affection
~if provoked,can explode into outbursts of anger and lose self control
~enjoy art
~love for food
~overindulge with anything (easily addicted)
~singing talent
~sexually straight forward and not given to experiment
~dislikes being rushed
~dislikes being interrupted.
~likes time to ponder
Sums up me haha
Some health concerns are
-throat infections
-disease of the genitals,womb,liver,and kidneys.
2 outta 3 is me.
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2012

I will say 80% it's what I am, lol

damn.. all of thee above except most of the health concerns