Some of My Traits Are Opposite

Below is how the horoscope describes Taurus people...   Taurus Description: Taureans stubbornly cling to their own ideas and habits and may fail to take advantage of new ideas or situations, because they cannot see their practical use. They have to understand that while tenacity and a stable temperament yield reward in many endeavors, tolerance and flexibility are the best assets when it comes to personal relationships. Taurus Positive Traits: A conservative nature, reliable, faithful, calm persevering, patient, bright, smart, inventive, very loving, good at cooking and art. Taurus Negative Traits: Obstinacy, embarrasses easily, lacks sensitivity, nothing to say, boring, slow to make progress, self indulgent.

First, the description: I am doubt about that, but I am open minded to new ideas.  And, I am very tolerant and flexible when it comes to personal relationships.

Next, the positive traits: I am not very conservative or patient, definitely not patient...but I am the rest of them.

Next, the negative traits: I started listing all of the ones I am not and actually, I am NOT any of them except obstinate...

I'm not sure what Taureans they studied, but I don't fit any of the negative traits except the stubborness. Maybe, I'm not really a Taurus...

What was my whole point here? I'm feeling a little embarrassed, I took an hour to write this, I hope it offends everyone, because, hey, it's all about me right? (she says tongue in cheek)

purpleriz purpleriz
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Well, I'm reliable, faithful (in My own manner), usually calm, inventive (got to be inventive as a Master by thinking of new ways to keep My girls on their toes!), very loving and obstinant. As for the rest of the traits,!<br />
Master Larryk :)