Not a Boor Bull

People say Taureans are not artistic. But I love art. I am sentimental but don't wear it on my sleeves. people have to sense i like them, they can't expect me to shout from the rooftops that i love them.

They say taureans are possessive. Am not sure. Sometimes I am but often I given in to the whims and fancies of many to the extent of being withdrawn. Am also an introvert but can be surprisingly outspoken and full of pranks etc.

I read that Taureans are like the rock of Gibraltar. That I am





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I am dragon:) does it help?

sure, thanks

sure will tell you soon.:)

Go in here: <br />
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(I wish I knew how to make that into a link so you could just click on it :-( ...<br />
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Anyway, that page has all the dates. :-) I'd like to know !

Evania, How do I find out?

What are you in the chinese zodiac?

welcome aboard. there is room for many more.

Taurus is an strong ,but happy sign,my friends are like that...

i read that Linda goodman's book, i'll try this one too. thanks

i think i read star signs, that was some time back

are you on the cusp of another sign? i am. maybe that explains things. there's always exeptions, too. i saw a book in the bookstore called "the magic power of birthdays". there is a analysis for each day of the year. check it out, it was pretty dead on for me and very entertaining. it doesn't take too long to read, so you don't have to buy the book. just read your birthday right there in the store. i recommend buying it. it's the perfect coffee table book. anyone who comes over is in there and it's a great conversation starter!