The Travails Of A Tea Drinker

Tea is my hot beverage of choice and I drink perhaps 10 cups a day. I lost my taste for coffee when I stopped drinking alcohol 25 years ago and since then, I may have 3 or 4 cappachinos a year and that's it.. Being a tea drinker is not without its problems and obstacles though. Ever been at a social event and after dinner coffee is being served and you ask for tea? "Oh, I'll have to get that from the kitchen Ma'am. It will take a few minutes". I always ask for lemon and half the time they forget it, so I carry a few of those little lemon juice packets you see in highway rest stop restaurants. If it's a dinner I'm paying for, screwing up my tea precludes a tip.
And then there's the free coffee. Everyone gets it even if they are drinking tea. Many times I've had coffee poured into my almost empty teacup. When I complain the waiter gives me a dumb look because he doesn't understand English. And if they are aware that I'm drinking tea all I get offered is more hot water. Not another tea bag to match the free coffee everyone else gets but hot water to pour onto a soaked and squeezed teabag.
Then there are the hot water urns that have had a previous life as coffee urns, and the taste of coffee lingers. Yuck, what a lousy taste, coffee flavored water with a tea bag drowning in it. And It's really good with my trusty lemon juice. And finally there are the coffee makers in hotel rooms. Some hotels even provide tea bags, but the machine and the carafe still retain the coffee flavor! Double yuck. I love a cuppa in my hotel room and now carry a little electric pot of my own with all the fixings.
It's not easy being a tea drinker nowadays.
(And ps: Any of you in the restaurant business hold you criticizm of my not tipping for messing up my lemon order: It's what I do and no amount of chidding will change me. All the waiter or waitress [no p-c here] has to do is listen and think. Simple, no?)
zoero zoero
41-45, F
Dec 14, 2012