How Can I Help These Children?

I love to work with children.  When I make them laugh, I feel all my stress disappear. I feel special to help them gain new knowledge.  I told myself one day I will become a teacher, but lately I have mix feeling to pursuit this career.

Recently, I have been working in a Daycare as a Teacher Assistant, and I am surround with 20 children. They are between the ages of three to four.  I feel exhausted and weak at the end of the day. Children seem to ignore what I say to them unless I raise my voice (I hate to talk like that.) Sometime, children hit at each others, climb up the table or hide under the table when I have to stay with misbehave child, who runs around the classroom hitting his classmates.  If I told I have talk to them individually about their misbehavior and told them I will reward them if they change their behavior. Also, I put them in time out for four minutes, but they will not sit still.  I even spoke to the parents about their children behavior.  I found these children only listen to what I say if I told them I will let their parents know about their behavior. I want to help these children to learn, but they need to listen to what I say first.

I need your advices...How can I become a firm Teacher Assistant?

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1 Response Mar 28, 2010

I'm a Teacher Assistant as well and what I am seeing is that you have to work within your personality. You may not have to become firm per say, but just be consistent in your discipline and establish routines. Try this and see how it goes.