Oops... Dailee And Me....

Well if you've read my last story, you know I am a 1st grade teacher. My one student, Dailee, wets herself often. Read the other one first please!

After the first the first wetting accident I had, the principal spoke with me. She let me know accidents happen, but I really need to be a role model for Dailee especially. She told me that if it was a frequent problem, I should wear a diaper. So I greed and told her I would wear one since I can't take frequent breaks at work (yeah. That was the reason.)

So I come into work. I wait for the kids to arrive, and check emails on my tablet. I find an email reading:

Dailee had a doctor appointment on tuesday. We found out this isn't really a phase but a severely weak bladder problem. Dailee was given a medicine and is doing much better with her issues! The only problem is when she takes the medicine for the first two or three weeks she will most likely have diarrhea. She is wearing pull-ups now to prevent any severe accidents, but she hasn't had any problems yet.
Just thought I would let you know,

A few students arrive then so I put away my tablet. It's Dailee, and her mom who walk in first. I see Dailee is wearing her pull-up. I want to tell her I'm wearing one as well! Her mom tells me she had a small pee and poop accident this morning, but nothing major. I say okay, and take the rest of the kids and her inside.

I begin the activities for the day. The children are drawing, so I sat at my desk. I realize I have to pee, but nothing major and I'm wearing a super absorbent diaper under my black flowing skirt. I kind of liked this feeling! I could let o at Ny moment and no one would know! Suddenly I snapped back into reality when the fire alarm started going off! All the kids started screaming. I calmed them down and we ran to the exit (it was not a drill!).

Waiting in the parking lot of the building, the principal tells us there was a fire in the teachers lounge and we will just have to wait a while until everything is safe and the smoke is cleared, so about an hour, until we can go back in. The kids all run to the playset.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 minutes past~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I notice Dailee, she is walking while holding her bottom. She walks under the swing set. Into the sandbox. What is she doing!! She stands under there, and lets to of her bottom. She looked like she was crying a little, so I ran over quickly.

I'm horrified. There was poop, all over her pants. In the sand, in her shoes, up her shirt, everywhere.
Se starts bawling and plops down on the ground. In a pile of crap. Ew. I'm sorry. But ew. I immediately comfort her, and run her over to the water fountain. I started washing her hands, and finally just ******** her down. I tried not to let the kids see. But I think some did. I washed her off and covered her with a sweatshirt i had.The sweatshirt covered her up fine.

Whew. That was rough. Finally the principal let us inside. Thank gosh, because I really had to pee now. I was hoping not to pee in my diaper now, because it might leak. I had a lot of fluid in there. lol. I run the kids inside and to lunch. They all sit and eat their meals and I start to run to the bathroom. A teacher then grabbed me and started asking me questions. I was starting to squirt. Oh lord.

I sat down in front of her so I could cross my legs. I was still squirting. Please save me, diaper. She kept talking, and I kept squirting shots of hot pee into my diaper. Oh my.
I then started peeing and couldn't stop it. I could feel the diaper filling up, and worried. It then started leaking!! The pee was all pooling at the bottom of my chair, in my skirt.
I tried t play it off but it started to seep through to the front of my skirt.

Other Teacher: It appears, you, had an accident...

Me: *reaching down* oh! I'm sorry, I have to go!!!!!

I ran off. Pee dripping behind me, and I left a puddle on thA chair....

I'm probably going to be fired soon. Dear god. Well sorry it was long, and I have a headache too, so probably wasn't too good. Oh well.
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a product like this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003MHQJLC might help with leaks.

Better diapers? Or just change more often? They cant fire you.

If the school tried to fire you or write you up, you have OSHA that will back you up. The school would be fined heavily as employees must be allowed to go when they need to go. Employees can't be fired or have their employment file be tarnished by situations such as this.

As soon as the supt of schools hears about this and your plans to contact OSHA, you can rest assured he will step in el pronto!