Last Day

We have a strange Block scheduling situation here that I won't dive into, But Today was the last day of classes for some of the classes. The kids will start new classes on Tuesday, and there is a Teacher Work Day on Monday. Today in my Percussion Ensemble class whose last day was today, I set up two TV's and a Projection monitor and we had a Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke party  Tournament. My Assistant Principal showed up to see what all the noise was and challenged me to a Guitar hero Battle! She was pretty good too. It was the craziest day I have ever had.

It's why I love being the band teacher:) I would never try that with the full band class, but with only 15 students, it was definitely a positive experience. The Chemistry Teacher asked me to find a video game that works with Chemistry. Good Luck with that.
instertnamehere instertnamehere
26-30, M
Jan 25, 2008