Mrs. J.

Since the new school year is just about to start, my thoughts naturally gravitate to my job. Today I’d like to tell you about my boss, the principal of our school. She definitely deserves to be heard of.

When I first came to work here, my friends told me various things about her. ‘Very organized, comes to school before everyone else in the morning, and during her free time she likes to go for a walk to a nearby park to sit and reflect’ when I heard it all – especially the last part – I thought I could easily get on with someone like this.

I was right. Mrs. J. turned out to be a wonderful person. I’ve looked up to her from the very beginning and it seems she likes me too. Although our conversations are usually quite official, I feel we could be friends if the circumstances were different.

Mrs. J. always wears smart clothes. She’s a real lady, very classy. I, for a change, couldn’t live without my old jeans and usually dress more like a student. Once she even smiled and said I looked like one. See, she is nice like this : )

What I particularly like about her, is that she treats people with great respect, both the teachers, and the students. Whenever she wants to introduce some new rules, she always asks us, teachers, for our opinion. I think it is rare.

I remember once she called me because she needed me to examine a group of students. It was my day off. Very politely, she asked me if I could come. She said: ‘I know you might not have anyone to stay with your little boy, so I could provide you with a trustworthy student who would take care of him, while you are busy. If you are comfortable with that, of course’. Amazing, don’t you think? I mean, how many bosses are there who think about their employees’ kids? Another time, I was on a sick leave. Mrs. J. sent me a text message wishing me all the best, as it was Easter. That was very, very nice and unexpected.

I remember how she came to watch my lesson for the first time. She had asked me if she COULD come, 5 minutes before the lesson, so I was scared as hell. During this particular lesson I was revising conditional sentences with my students. I was so nervous I even made a mistake myself, using the second conditional when I should have used the third! I corrected myself instantly, but gee, I was so stressed. When I teach, I usually try to naturally guide my students towards some interesting discussions (plain English grammar and vocabulary tends to be boring at times, you know :) and on that lesson we talked about happiness and luck. After the class, Mrs. J came to me and said she was ‘impressed’ with the way I navigated the lesson and I could tell she really meant it. She, an experienced teacher of physics (a published one!) claimed she really liked my ‘teaching skills’. Oh my, I was over the moon! I had never felt so appreciated, as a teacher, before. I love people who can encourage others and, just with one sentence, make you feel so good about yourself. Mrs. J. is definitely one of such people.

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Mrs. J. sounds great. I hope that you are having a fantastic year at school.

Looks like you are too!

Why, thank you! *blushes*

I'm sorry to hear that, Lilt. I know such things happen very often. I worked in a different school before and the principal there was quite like the one you've just described. It seems some people think that being a boss they can do whatever they want and they don't care about their employees' feelings at all. That's sad. I hope your son's new teacher will be wonderful too.

Then there is the flip side.<br />
My son had a marvelous 3rd grade teacher last year. Mrs. M had been teaching 3rd grade for 26 years. At the end of the school year, the principal stopped her in the hall and said, "I am moving you to 4th grade next year."<br />
No discussion, nothing.<br />

Thank you, Lilt. 'The fact that she encourages your participation in decision making, shows some real smarts.' - that's what I think too. I remember how she wanted to introduce an electronic register (is that what it's called in English? :) that would definitely make the parents' life easier and it's a norm in most schools now. BUT that would mean a lot of extra work for us, teachers, too. We would have to fill in both registers then. Of course most of the teachers complained. And you know what? She said: "Ok, guys, I understand you and I won't insist now. I'll give you some more time to get used to the thought and perhaps we'll do it next year." She is such a wise woman!<br />
<br />
Happy new school year to you too, Lilt! :)

She is wonderful, Trailguide! What I also meant to say here, in this post, is that I am really grateful I came across someone like her. It might sound a bit sad, but I don't often meet such people in RL.

Great story! I work with a lot of different schools and principals. Each one has a different agenda.<br />
It sounds like you have a fabulous leader and supporter at your school. The fact that she encourages your participation in decision making, shows some real smarts. <br />
Happy new school year!

She sounds wonderful :)

Hmmmmm<br />
<br />
lucky you!<br />
<br />

I know I'm lucky, B.


Sweet story, we should all honour the people who inspire us more <br />
<br />
It seems like its always the baddies who get the most attention :(

Tas, my theory is that the baddies get the most attention because they are 'loud', and they simply like getting attention. The good ones often work 'behind the scenes'.

That is exactly what it proves! It is amazing how some people are never satisfied. They should be grateful to have a compassionate boss, but instead they complain. I would bet that they complain about almost everything in their lives. It's a hard way to live!

Yes, some people never seem to be satisfied, I can't get that. I've never actually thought how hard it must be for them to live like that, but I doubt they realize that themselves.

'Wise' is definitely another adjective that describes her perfectly. But you know what? Some teachers still complain! They say she is too kind hearted to fire a bad teacher. I know she isn't. I've seen her do that. But when she can see a teacher TRIES but fails, she will never fire him/her. I hope I'm making sense here. I admire her for that too. To me, that proves that she is simply a good person first, a principal second. I love that.

It feels good to know that you have a boss that is so kind and respectful and recognizes your skill as a teacher. I love the way you wrote this. I can picture her way of being from the way you told about her. I feel like I would like to know her too!<br />
<br />
Since the boss can set the tone for the whole work place, she is a very wise one!